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Portal comes to NVIDIA's Shield as an exclusive Android port (updated)

We've reached out to see if there's a possibility of a wider release. Your 2 haven't said just once the space-defying puzzle title is planning to be available about the Shield, even although it unfortunately sounds such as some other Android devices could always be out of luck.

Update: An NVIDIA spokesperson says which the company isn't discussing "additional devices and/or device specifications only with that time."

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You won't must stay with any PC as well as TV to try out Valve's iconic video games within the future. The Particular developer is actually teaming up with NVIDIA for you to deliver the actual original Portal for the Shield handheld -- throughout various other words, Portal is arriving for you to Android. Along With hey -- it'll be as good an excuse as any kind of to have reacquainted together with your Companion Cube.. Still, it's great to determine Valve dip its toes within the mobile gaming waters, unlike particular companies

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